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Life-Changing Affirmations:
A 30-Day Plan for Spiritual Transformation

Paperback book (Vicky Thompson, Red Wheel, July 2005, 80 pages, ISBN: 1-59003-085-0)

Life-Changing Affirmations promotes a deep awareness of five key spiritual qualities--love, intuition, inner wisdom, forgiveness, and service. Each daily affirmation and short meditation focuses on a specific spiritual state such as grace, power, or creativity.

On days 1 through 5, learn how to use love to fuel change. On days 6 through 11, focus on developing an intuitive spiritual practice. The affirmations and meditations for days 12 through 18 help access inner wisdom and the strength to look deeper into your life issues. On days 19 through 24, use the tools of forgiveness. And, on days 25 through 30, focus on using your spiritual energy to serve yourself and others.

  • Provides a simple, effective way to reprogram your mind, your attitude, and your life.

  • Presents a 30-day practice that takes minutes and can be done anywhere.

  • Demonstrates the power of prayer and affirmation to change lives.

Release stress, deepen your understanding of yourself and others, strengthen your faith in Spirit, and affirm the power and wisdom within. Open to the daily practice that can change your life.

As God created the universe the seed of creation was planted in me.
I open my seed of creativity, inviting new ways of living to flow forth.
In this moment, I create heaven on Earth in me.

Media Reviews of Life-Changing Affirmations

Filled with Hope
Presents an accessible daily spiritual practice of affirmations for beginners, people wary of the concept "spiritual practice," people in recovery, and survivors of abuse. Eases into a beneficial habit that can become richer with each repetition.
--New Age Retailer

A Simple Self-Help Guide
An uplifting and motivational guide to bolstering one's spiritual life.
--Midwest Book Review

A Sprightly Paperback
This combination of affirmations and meditational prayers is something that only takes a few minutes every day — yet it can change the way you see yourself, the world and other people.
--Spirituality & Health Magazine

Simple But Life Transforming Plan
We have lived our lives trying to become better people, but we fall short because we attempt to go it alone with out any kind of spiritual guidance. Life-Changing Affirmations offers a practical way in which to discover one’s emptiness and fill it with the divine, forgiveness, grace, hope, truth, passion, and vitality.
--Recovery Times

Available at local bookstores or online at


The Jesus Path: 
7 Steps to a Cosmic Awakening

Paperback book (Vicky Thompson, Red Wheel, 2003, 282 pages, ISBN: 1-59003-053-2)

The Jesus Path: 7 Steps to a Cosmic Awakening reveals a unique, sensible, and totally achievable seven-step program for reconnecting with your inner spirit during changing times. Full of practical exercises and affirmations, The Jesus Path integrates ageless principles into a spiritual practice that inspires inner and outer peace.

Through stories and examples of Jesus’ life on earth, The Jesus Path presents the divine model of awakening, which encapsulates the divine guidance Jesus received throughout his awakening in seven steps:

  • Let go of personal chains binding you to others and this earthly life.

  • Reconnect with your higher spirit-self and your own inner wisdom.

  • Disconnect from conventional wisdom and follow your heart.

  • Connect with the higher source of energy supporting the earth and divine realms.

  • Discover your higher purpose and create a plan of action.

  • Live as a master in both the earthly and divine realms.

  • Influence others to begin their own journeys home to the divine.

Jesus experienced each of these truths again and again on his journey and on many different levels. The exercises, meditations, and affirmations throughout The Jesus Path will help readers share the same journey of spiritual mastery.

Reader Reviews from and

Joe (  5 out of 5 stars
A Real Winner
This book is a great guide to spiritual growth and personal evolution. Doing the exercises created amazing shifts in my own consciousness and evolution. You have to use this book!!!

From Portland, OR (  5 out of 5 stars
A Method for Divine Awakening
Having read many many books on spirituality, religion, and metaphysics over the years, I can honestly say the Vicky Thompson's The Jesus Path, 7 Steps to a Cosmic Awakening is one of the best. Never has a spiritual book been so accessible and well-organized. Vicky Thompson guides the reader through the events of the life of Jesus, using his learnings and teachings as tools for dealing with the separating desires that are brought about by our modern culture. The teachings and writing style in and of themselves offer proof that this book was divinely inspired. Vicky Thompson provides an easy-to-comprehend approach to spiritual awakening with meditations that are simple, yet extremely powerful. In my personal experience, practicing the meditations daily provides an immediate feeling of inner peace, connection to a creative force, and a greater sense of love and purpose.

Although this book may mainly appeal to Christians looking for a more meaningful connection to Christ and his teachings, it is appropriate for anyone searching for a deeper sense of serenity and meaning in their lives. For those of us who are wanting to reconnect with our God and awaken to a deeper form of consciousness and sense of purpose in life, this book is a must!

Leonore Sweet, Ph.D. (  5 out of 5 stars
Pure and Inspirational
Vicky Thompson's writing is so pure and inspirational, so untouched by human ego, that it speaks to my soul and clearly comes from the Highest Source. I highly recommend it.

I will guide you to excerpts from The Jesus Path.


Media Reviews of The Jesus Path

Experience the Joy of Oneness
Vicky Thompson's book is a powerful instructional guide. She like many others has opened up to the voice of the divine and turned those messages into printed word. This is truly motivating text. If you allow it, The Jesus Path will not only lead you to a better connection with your spirit self, it will also enhance your relationship with Jesus the man.
--New Connexion, Portland's Journal of Conscious Evolution

Unique Approach to a Journey
of Self-Discovery
For those of you like me who flinch and let judgment keep you from picking up a book with Jesus in the title, I think you might be surprised by this book. Vicky Thompson has taken Jesus and told his story of living with his humanness while searching for his higher self. She makes it possible to relate to this man and all his worries, fears, and human frailties as he opens to the knowing of living to full potential. This book is not about religious doctrines and beliefs but about living life as we know it and finding tools to aid us in our search for the divine within us all.
--Buffalo Woman's Vision Magazine

Also available at local bookstores or online at:

Barnes &

The Jesus Path: 7 Steps to a Cosmic Awakening

The Jesus Path: 7 Steps to a Cosmic Awakening

Journey to Spiritual Awakening:
Meditations to Awaken the Divine
Heart Within

Meditation CD (Vicky Thompson, Journey with Spirit, 2002, running time: 30 minutes)

Experience a spiritual awakening to your inner wisdom, love and peace through three divinely inspired meditations, set to classical piano music. Music touches the soul, opening the heart to the love of Spirit. In a meditative state, musical tones clear the chakras, allowing divine guidance and inspiration to flow into your consciousness. These guided meditations align your intention and will with Spirit, providing a powerful path for your spiritual journey.

Listen to Meditation Audio Samples

1. Divine Awakening Clear the chakras with this stress-releasing meditation.

2. Divine Purpose Discover your divine purpose through communion with God.

3. Divine Guidance Tap into inner wisdom by connecting with angelic guides.

Media Reviews of Journey to Spiritual Awakening

Music touches the soul, opening your heart to Spirit's love
Author Vicky Thompson uses an integrated approach called intentional meditation, which engages both the conscious and unconscious minds to promote the healing of the body, mind and spirit. In the meditative state, musical tones clear the chakras, allowing divine guidance and inspiration to flow into your consciousness.
--Share Guide, San Francisco's Holistic Health Magazine

Dynamic music with spoken words help in accepting life's miracles
"Clair de Lune" and "Jeux d'Eau" are perfect vehicles for the guiding words of Vicky Thompson as she introduces listeners to three meditations that direct the will to align with God, leading to a powerful spiritual journey. Appropriate interludes of musical passages separate the minimal spoken words. The effect is dynamic and this technique has proven effective in aiding abuse victims, chronic pain sufferers, those who have lost loved ones, to begin seeing positive change in relationships, health, finances, career and spirituality. Angelic spirit guides aid and support as we turn to prayer and listen for the guidance in connecting with the Divine and accepting life's daily miracles.
--Spirit of Change Magazine, New England's Holistic Magazine

Available online at CD Baby!
Journey to Spiritual Awakening
$15 plus shipping

Journey with Spirit: 
Leading a Spirit-Driven Life

4-CD program with workbook (Vicky Thompson, Journey with Spirit, 2002, running time: 3 hours 15 minutes)

Join author Vicky Thompson as she guides you in reclaiming your divine wisdom in this four CD program. Using divinely inspired tools, open a powerful connection with Spirit for guidance, hope and inspiration in all aspects of your life, including relationships, health, career, finances and spirituality.

In Lessons 1-2, use new ideas for accepting Spirit into your life during changing times. Learn the six stepping stones to spiritual wisdom and reconnect with your eternal essence.

In Lessons 3-6, experience the power of releasing energy that blocks your intuitive awareness and ability to live a rich, fulfilling life. Our bodies can hold old patterns of behavior that keep us from growing and changing. Learn fast and effective energy release techniques to let go of this pain through the grace of Spirit, including:

Follow me to a tool kit that uses the negative pattern release technique

  • Chakra clearing

  • Energy body spinning

  • Grace intervention

  • Divine light meditations

  • Inner voice recognition

  • Negative pattern release

  • Prayers of intention

  • Angelic guidance

In Lessons 7-10, try new ways of living life in connection with Spirit. Use your divine power of forgiveness, grace and compassion to break free from limited situations. Open your intuition and understand how your intentions put you in the driver’s seat of a Spirit-driven life. And remember your inner heart by practicing daily communion with Spirit.

Finally, in Lessons 11-12, experience guided music meditations to release old energy and fill your body with the loving light of Spirit.


Available online at CD Baby!
Journey with Spirit:
Leading a Spirit-Driven Life
$40 plus shipping

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