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Christian Spirituality

What is Christian spirituality in relation to Christian religion? Christian spirituality recognizes the ancient Christian tradition of mysticism, which is direct communion with the Spirit of God. Christian spiritualists follow the teachings of Christianity, but they take this wisdom a step deeper by discovering truth through contemplation, meditation, prayer, and other forms of knowing God deeply.

Spiritual wisdom can make you think about issues on a deeper level, looking at the relationship between the inner self and the outer world. The inner self represents spirituality while the outer world is represented by religion. Spirituality is personal while religion is public. Spirituality is the inner journey while religion is the outer structure for worship and praise. Both spirituality and religion serve valuable purposes in providing an inner practice and an outer community of celebration and service.

The learning tools of Christian spirituality offer an inner perspective on the outer world of religion, always respecting that both are a vital part of life.

Christian Spirituality Tool Kits

Use the following tool kits to go deeper in discovering your inner self. Follow the guides to affirmations, meditations, and prayer tools for creating your own spiritual practices.


More Do-it-Yourself Spirituality Tool Kits


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