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Clearing the Chakras for Clear Guidance

We all have innate intuitive senses of seeing, hearing, knowing, and feeling, which enables us to tap into divine guidance. Clearing your chakras is a simple way to open up your connection with your divine inner wisdom to guide life choices.

Breathe deeply, ready to experience the Essential Chakra Cleansing Meditation.


Connecting with divine wisdom requires a willingness to hear divine messages without a filter of duality and judgment. Clearing your chakras is the most direct way to opening your heart to the divine. Opening your heart in the divine sense means opening the heart chakra in your human body to receive divine messages through a filter of love and truth.

Chakras look like translucent colored balls stacked upon each other, starting at the base of the spine and reaching to the crown of the head. The chakras include seven energy centers within the human body that interact with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual fields surrounding the human body. Chakras act as conduits for energy and information from the outer energy fields. When you clear old energy from the chakras, you allow new thoughts, energy, and divine messages to flow into your conscious awareness.

Each chakra has its own distinct color, location, and function. The red base chakra, located at the base of your spine, represents survival and security issues. The orange sacral chakra, located about three to four inches above the base chakra, represents creativity and sexuality. The yellow solar plexus chakra, located behind the navel, represents control and power issues. The green heart chakra, located in the center of the chest, represents love. The blue throat chakra, located in the throat area behind the Adam’s apple, represents communication. The indigo third eye chakra, located in the middle of the forehead, represents divine vision. The purple crown chakra, located at the top of the head, represents divine knowledge.

When I began my spiritual journey, I did chakra clearing meditations everyday. I didn’t know that I was opening up my divine connection. All I knew was that I felt more at peace with the past, and I had more energy to keep up with my young son.

After doing the chakra clearings for three months, I experienced a personal turning point in my life. I went to bed on a Monday night after doing a clearing meditation. I awoke with a start during the night and started coughing. I turned over on my side facing my son, who had crawled into bed with us during the night. I felt a funny sharp feeling in my chest, like the muscles were pinched in the sternum. I turned over onto my back and started breathing deeply, but the pressure increased and I felt pain radiating down my left arm.

Personal stories remind us that we too must live life fully. When you open your chakras, you open your heart to new experiences.


Now we all have seen medical dramas on television and know that pain down the left arm most likely means heart attack. I’m a thin young woman with low cholesterol and low blood pressure, but I do have a strong history of heart disease in my family. My father and all of my uncles on his side died in their forties from heart attacks. My living aunt has had multiple heart surgeries and blood clotting problems. Maybe my number was up and it was time to carry on the family tradition of leaving young children behind.

In a panic, I whispered to my husband that I thought I might be having a heart attack. We did what we do in all medical emergencies. He ran and got out our health maintenance organization handbook. As he read out loud the symptoms of chest pain while I was lying next to my sleeping child, I thought that it would be a pretty raw deal to have to check out now.

My tension level was increasing. My husband read out loud that a racing heart is one symptom of a heart attack. Just then my heart pulled out from the pit and began racing like wild. My ears were roaring and I thought, This is it.  

So I said what every American would say, “Call 9-1-1. I think I’m dying.”

Paramedics arrived and found that I had an elevated pulse. Because of my family history, they decided to take me to the hospital. As they wheeled me into the ambulance, I remembered a book that mentioned that you can talk to angels. This seemed like a good time to meet my guardian angel, so I thought in my mind, Guardian angel, please tell me your name.

Immediately, a voice said very loudly in my ear, “Sara.”

Please don’t let me die, I thought.

“It is not your time,” said the voice.

The Opening of the Heart Chakra

I checked out perfectly normal at the hospital. The ECG showed nothing even when I was experiencing chest pain. I went home five hours later, still feeling pain in my chest and left arm. 

I will guide you to opening to your divine purpose in A Prayer for Blessed Service.


A few days later, I spoke to a spiritual counselor who sensed that I had a panic attack brought on by a spiritual awakening. I was at a crossroads in my chakra clearings, and I had just been dreaming Monday night about some amazing things that would occur if I continued to clear the energy centers in my body. The pain I was feeling was related to my heart chakra opening wider to accept new divine experiences.

This turned out to be true and was just the beginning of my spiritual journey deeper into the heart of divine wisdom.

We are at an exciting time in the history of humanity. My experiences of spiritual awakening are not unique. Many people are finding that these hidden intuitive senses are actually powerful tools for living life in a deeper, more satisfying way. 


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