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Aligning with Your Inner Power

When I meditate, I feel a connection with a power beyond my own. Some may call this energy God, Spirit, source, or many other names, but to me it's all one inner power for healing.

How do you access your inner power?

You human body is connected to energy fields that encircle the body and are linked to the body's chakra system. Four energy fields cocoon your human body like giant eggs: the physical field, the emotional field, the mental field, and the spiritual field.

These energy fields interact directly with the human body's chakra energy system, which are the seven energy sites located in the torso and head of the body.

Through meditation, you connect your energy fields with your chakras, creating a gateway to your inner power. Chakra clearing meditations open your inner conduit, which is a column of light that runs down the center of your body through the chakras. This light column opens your body's divine communication system, allowing your energy fields to be used as "amplifiers."

Divine guidance is pure truth. This truth is presented in a very loving way by respecting your mastery while offering new ideas for living in deeper communion with God and others. It can be very specific by giving you action plans or very general by assuring you that all is well. Divine guidance is never biting or petty. It seeks to enlighten through loving truth.

I will guide you to your inner power in A Prayer for Blessed Power.


Your energy fields contain divine coding, which is simply wisdom for achieving your divine path and purpose. When you meditate, you open up to your inner power for healing your life and coming into focus on your divine purpose.

So, truly, all you need is within you.

Every person's spiritual journey unfolds in a unique way based on the divine coding in their energy fields. As you deepen your intuitive connection through meditation, you tap into the divine coding in your energy fields, awakening the potential for new experiences to come into your life.

This happens to me frequently as I am guided deeper on my spiritual journey. Through meditation, I have come to reside in a place of healing peace within. I seek this inner refuge mainly through my mind's inner eye, which represents the mental and spiritual energy fields. I have a rich spiritual life, but my inner journey often does not encompass my emotional or physical energy fields. I spend a lot of time in the clouds without my feet touching the ground.

Recently I began to look into martial arts classes for my son. As I explored the options, I realized that I was actually looking for a program for myself.

Breathe deeply, ready to experience the Essential Chakra Cleansing Meditation.


It's time to ground the mental aspects of spirituality into a physical practice of the heart. Last year I was not ready to take this step, but this year I am because it's a part of my divine coding, my divine path to allow the energies of Spirit to become manifest through my being.

Aligning with your inner power means opening to your inner potential. It's a process of stepping back from what you think you're supposed to do and instead allowing yourself to become who you are.

Like a flower bud unfolding in spring, you awaken to the glory of your inner power.


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