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Spiritual Meditations

I will guide you to spiritual tools to deepen your use of the following meditations.


Connecting with the divine in a meditative state can be an exhilarating experience.

In this quiet state, you may see images, colors or have feelings wash over you as you link into the divine consciousness. Trust in the process and know that you have the power to communicate with the divine in this manner. 

When we meditate, we open up the link between the conscious and unconscious minds. In connecting with the unconscious, you can access the divine world. This world exists on a level removed from our day-to-day world. This type of spiritual, God-centered meditation highlights this hidden world and creates a wonderful portal for communication.

Walk with me to learn about the Journey to Spiritual Awakening meditation CD and Journey with Spirit: Leading a Spirit-Driven Life 4-CD series.

To prepare for meditation, find a quiet place without interruptions. Sit in a comfortable position with your hands lying palms up in your lap. Sense your body as an open vessel, ready to receive information in a loving manner. Move your body into position to reflect this feeling.

Breathe deeply down into your abdomen. Feel yourself filling up with air down deep, and feel your lower belly move in and out with each breath. With each inward breath, visualize white light entering your airway and filling your entire body a little more each time. Continue breathing deeply until your body is filled with white light.

Now you are ready to experience meditations in five spiritual discovery areas: inner journey, spiritual faith, forgiveness, Christian spirituality, and questions for God.

Click on the speakers below to hear audio meditations.


Inner Journey

Trichakra Focal Point Meditation

Focusing on the images above, breathe deeply, feeling the air rushing in and out. Let your attention be drawn naturally to areas that catch your eye. Continuing to breathe deeply, say the following mantra out loud.

I am the one source of universal life.

Continue repeating the mantra until you feel a sense of oneness with the trichakra.

About the trichakras: During a meditation session on March 1, 2004, I noticed that my chakras looked different. As I cleared my chakras, two vertical chakra strands began to flank the left and right side of my central chakra column (which extends from the base of the spine up through the crown of the head). The chakra color order of these new strands differed from the central chakra column with which I had become so familiar.

I sat down at the computer to capture what I saw, beginning a time of intensive work with this new configuration. I used the new trichakra configuration as a focal point during meditation, focusing on holding unity in my being. After a few months, the left and right strands moved into a shape of unity, spiraling around my central chakra column. As I worked with the trichakras, I found that my intuition opened in new and exciting ways. I felt a greater connection with my inner wisdom and an increase in my resolve to live a meaningful spiritual life.


Essential Chakra Cleansing Meditation

Start by seeing your chakras as colorful balls stacked upon each other, not worrying about matching the chakras’ exact locations in the body. Now focus your attention on the base chakra and see it as a glowing red ball, clear, swirling, and vibrant. Now see the orange ball above it as the same size, full and complete. Now see the yellow ball, then the green, blue, indigo, and the purple ball at the crown of your head.

Now visualize a stream of white light pouring into your crown chakra. This soothing light moves quickly down through your body and begins to fill you up, starting at your toes. See the white light filling you up like a bottle. Watch it move up through your legs, your torso, spilling down and filling the arms, expanding and filling the chest, and finally filling your head. See yourself as a powerful being filled with glowing white light. Know that you are filled with the abundance of divinity. Feel it surge through your body and energize you.

Now look at your base chakra. It is a flowing, full red ball. See the white light surround the red ball, pooling around it. Move the white light into the red ball by visualizing the sides of the ball as porous. The white light flows into the red ball through thousands of tiny pin prick holes until the red ball is pulsing with white light, like a beacon with light shining through.

Now see a white bar of light push up through the red ball into the orange ball, gently illuminating it until it becomes a beacon of light. Continue the process of moving the bar of light up through the stack of balls and illuminating each chakra—yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. At the purple crown ball, see the white bar extend to the heavens, knowing that you have connected with your inner truth and wisdom.

Follow me to spiritual tools. 

For a powerful meditation, use the chakra cleansing meditation followed by the Merkaba Arielaris meditation. 


Sacred Merkaba Arielaris Meditation

See white light streaming into the crown of your head. This intense light begins to pool around the red ball chakra at the base of your spine. Building in intensity, this powerful light easily and gracefully flows up the central column of light around your spine to your green heart center chakra. This white light then pools so intensely around your heart center that you can feel it in the front of your body, the center of your body, and the back of your body. The light can no longer be contained as it surges upward in a stream of infinity motion around the blue throat chakra, curving up around the indigo third-eye chakra, and looping up around the purple crown chakra. This infinity motion continues downward as the stream curves back around the purple ball, the indigo ball, the blue ball, and ending the infinity shape by looping around the green heart center. The infinity motion continues without your conscious awareness, moving smoothly and effortlessly around your upper chakras. 

Then this intense white light surges inward through the heart center, shifting your conscious awareness to the star in the center of the Merkaba Arielaris. Your awareness expands and you realize that you are inside the downward tetrahedron of physical existence. You notice the color of the tetrahedron, your color of purpose. Sensing thoughts and pain from past experiences clouding your vision in the space, you notice that the tetrahedron is spinning slowly around you. Using the energy from the spinning to gently release this pain, you say out loud:

I willingly release this energy. It is not my own. 

You watch as the energy is gently spun from the tetrahedron.

Your awareness moves to the center star again, and your consciousness shifts to the golden pyramid of celestial energy. Standing inside this pyramid, you notice that it is as tall as you are. The energy inside the pyramid billows around you, drifting and wavering with intensity. Suddenly you lose your human form and become a part of the pure energy of creation. Feeling great freedom, you say out loud: 

I am the light of creation, pure and free. 

You feel a great sense of weightlessness and pure divine power surging through you.

Focusing your awareness on the center star again, you sense your pure energy of consciousness moving into the translucent angelical sphere. Sensing the presence of angels around you, you see friendly angelic beings greeting you. You are overwhelmed by a sense of great truth enfolding you, and you recognize it as your deep inner wisdom as you say out loud:

 I am the truth of the universe. Truth guides me in every step of my journey.

Your awareness moves to the center star again, and you feel your consciousness returning to your physical body sitting in the room. Your conscious awareness returns with jewels of wisdom, the power of creation, and the color of your purpose to guide you on your journey. You feel great joy, knowing that you have connected with the essence of your being and may return to these inner realms at any time.

Follow me to spiritual tools. 

For more information on awakening your inner chariot, see The Lightbody Activation Manual by Diana Stone.


Healing Power Meditation

Lay down in a comfortable position with eyes closed. Breathe deeply, feeling the power of the air moving inward and outward through your nostrils. Sense the life-giving power of your breath, knowing that it sustains you with health, radiance and love.

As you breathe in, visualize a brilliant white light flowing inward through your nostrils, quickly filling your entire body. As you continue to breathe deeply, this powerful white light surges through your being, enveloping all pain and fear in your body. Now exhale through your mouth. The light easily exits your body, gently taking this pain away. Inhale the powerful healing light through the nostrils, exhale the pain wrapped in light through the mouth. Continue this breathing pattern, filling with light and releasing pain. Let the pain and fear leave peacefully by thinking, I willingly release this energy. It is not my own. Repeat the healing statement in your mind as you continue to breathe and release.

When the release feels complete, the healing light slowly fades, lessening in intensity. Breathe normally through your nostrils, noticing how the healing light still flows through your breath, imperceptible but always present.

Now bring your body, mind and spirit into alignment for optimum health by visualizing a rose-colored light flow down from the heavens, embracing your body. Say out loud, I willingly align with my divine state of health, wholeness and wellness. I am full and complete. Repeat the healing statement until you feel whole and complete.

Follow me to spiritual tools. 

When you are ready, gently open your eyes, knowing that you are connected with your healing wisdom.


Spiritual Faith

Divine Journey Meditation

Sense your body as an open, loving vessel. With each inward breath, see white light enter your airway and slowly fill your entire body. Now visualize yourself sitting on a bench in a garden. The trees are gently blowing in the wind, birds are chirping, water is babbling gently in the fountain.

You stand up from the bench and stretch your arms up toward the heavens. Suddenly, a giant bird sweeps down from the sky, gliding down beside you. You climb aboard its back and are flown to the heavens. Holding on to the great bird, you begin flying up, up, up in a spiral motion.

You feel the strength of this bird as you are propelled into another place that is very familiar to you. The bird lands in a world of stark white: white clouds, white pillars, white water falling from the sky. You hear a sound, a crackling noise and you begin to follow the sound. As you approach the noise, you see a small fire burning in a ring of white stones. You can hear the crackling of the fire and watch as the white fire slowly dies out. Unafraid, you step into the fire ring. You do not feel heat, only intense love that is slowly burning away your fears and doubts. You feel the white rain falling on your body, soothing your worries. When you feel ready, you step from the fire ring onto the sandy white ground. You bury your feet deep within the sandy earth and immediately feel grounded, nourished and loved.

Walk with me to hear the Divine Guidance meditation on Journey to Spiritual Awakening.

The great bird returns and you step from the earth to climb upon its back. Flying very fast, you gently spiral down to the garden. You alight from the bird and splash your face with water from the fountain. Feeling rejuvenated, you sit on the bench and allow the wisdom from your journey to flow into you.



Forgiveness Meditation

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. With each inward breath, feel the love of Spirit flowing into the crown of your head. Embraced by love, you allow pain and fear to gently float out of your body, returning to the heavens. Accept the love, allowing it to release the pain of the situation with the other person.

Now hold yourself and the other person in a safe, quiet place in your heart. You both are washed by the love of God flowing through your being. Bathed in light of love, you see each other as God sees you: wonderful beings on a journey home to your inner selves. Holding both of you in love, say out loud, Dear friend, I hold love and only the highest and best for you in this moment. I forgive you and I forgive myself for the painful choices made in this situation. I let this experience go with love.

Follow me to four tools for resolving conflict or a tool kit on spiritual pardon.

Let love fill your heart completely as the image of you both dissolves in the light. Stay in this place of love and forgiveness for a moment, remembering this peace of body, mind and spirit.


Letting Go Meditation 

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. With each inward breath, see white light flow into your body through your breath, filling your entire body. As the white light becomes your body, all darkness of pain is gently pushed out of your being and returned to the heavens. Continue filling yourself with white light until you feel complete.

Now visualize the friends who have hurt you as standing before you. See them bathed in white light, and watch as the light pulls the pain from their being. The light then forms a shimmering pink bubble around your friends.

In this light of love, say to your friends:

Dear friends, I only hold love in my heart for you. I forgive you for the pain you have caused. I forgive myself for the pain I have caused. I hold us all in the light of love, compassion and acceptance. I only hold the highest and best in my heart for us all.

Now set your friends free from this situation, knowing that they hold your love to move forward without pain or regret. See the bubble gently float to the heavens. As it moves into the clouds, the bubble is enveloped by a brilliant white light, embraced in the loving arms of God.

In this light of God, say to your friends:

Dear friends, my forgiveness is complete. I release this situation to the light, never to look back in regret or pain. Our experience is complete in the light of God.

Now see yourself surrounded by a pink light of love. Feel God’s love enfold you, holding you close. 

When you’re ready, open your eyes knowing that you have felt the grace of God.


Christian Spirituality

The Power of Love Meditation 

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. With each inhalation, see white light enter the crown of your head and fill your body, starting at your toes, moving up through the legs, torso, arms and head. Shimmering and glowing, you are filled with the bounty of heaven.

Love is about to enter your world. Prepare your heart to receive this gift by opening your arms to the heavens and say out loud:

Love become me. Let me remember my heart of love and let it touch all who I meet.

See a pink light flow down from the heavens and envelop your body. Like a warm, loving embrace, the love melts into your body. You feel like a child held in the loving arms of God. Love becomes you, and in this safe place, all of the experiences of your life that did not hold love begin to flow gently from your being. The pink light wraps around these experiences and gently pulls them out of your body, returning them to the heavens. More loving pink light flows into you, filling all empty spaces.

Walk with me to hear the Divine Purpose meditation on Journey to Spiritual Awakening.

So complete, so loved, you become love. You remember your heart of love and you feel blessed by the love you have always held within. 

When you’re ready, open your eyes knowing that you are love.


Questions for God

Beloved Connection Meditation

Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed. Make yourself comfortable and begin to breathe deeply. With each breath, see white light enter your body through your crown. As the white light fills your body, old blocking energy is pushed out of your feet. Continue filling yourself until you feel cleansed and refreshed.

Now hold in your mind an image of Jesus. See a brilliant white light emanating from the body of Jesus, a vital being who is alive and full of energy. See him reach out and embrace you. Feel his touch, knowing that he is energetically in the room with you, holding you close. Let his energy enter your heart, breaking down the physical barrier between you. Embrace him fully with your essence, extending your unconditional love to meet his.

When you’re ready, hold Jesus’ hands and connect with him emotionally. Let him know how you are feeling in this moment. Share your feelings of love for him or any other emotions of the moment. Now ask Jesus to share his feelings for you. Let the words, images, sounds or thoughts pour over you, allowing them to be expressed fully to you.

When you’re ready, step back from Jesus. See him again surrounded by the loving light of divinity. Now allow that light to enfold you. Feel its healing power and love surge through you. Sit quietly for a moment and let it truly touch you.

To connect with a loved one, see that person standing next to Jesus. See a brilliant white light surrounding your beloved. You embrace, holding your beloved close, extending and accepting unconditional love.

When you’re ready, hold your beloved’s hands and connect emotionally in this moment, sharing your feelings with each other. When you’re ready, step back from your beloved. See your loved one again surrounded by the loving light of God.

Open your eyes, knowing that you have felt the heart of Jesus, and connected with your beloved through the love and power of Jesus.

Follow me to spiritual tools. 

The Beloved Connection meditation is based on an excerpt from The Jesus Path: 7 Steps to a Cosmic Awakening by Vicky Thompson.


Divine Portal Meditation

Sense yourself as a floating being of light. See this body of light lift out from your human body and gently float up to the heavens. As you move up toward the clouds, a being in a flowing white robe greets you. As you put your hand of light in this being’s hand, you gently float together through the clouds, into space, and finally move into a realm of beautiful colors shimmering and moving around you. You see and feel these colors swirl in and around you.

Your guide motions to you and you float hand-in-hand with this being to a waterfall of color and sound. You move alone under the waterfall and feel the energy move through you, filling you with love while washing away pain and fears.

When you feel complete, you take your guide’s hand and are led to a beautiful glass building. Lights reflect off the glass, momentarily blinding you. You allow your guide to lead you into the building where you feel a hush and a sense of peace. Your guide tells you that this is your house, a special refuge for you to visit as often as you wish. Spend time in your house exploring and discovering yourself within.

When you feel complete, your guide leads you gently back through space, through the clouds, returning you to your human body. Allow your body of light to merge with your human body.

Follow me to spiritual tools. 

Open your eyes feeling refreshed and renewed, knowing that you have connected with the divine.


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