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Spiritual Prayers

Prayer is a form of meditation upon the power and presence of God in our world. When we pray, we are entering into a sacred union with God. 

Prayer isnít about making deals with God. Instead, we recognize that in the great, abundant world of God, we as his creations can access this creative power at any time. We become truly like God when we create in his image. We come to him, pure of heart, and allow this great light to work through us, creating tremendous possibilities in our lives.


In this moment, peace, hope, abundance, compassion, grace and service exist within you. When we use the power of prayer to focus our intention and attention on these spiritual states of being, we tap into the same creative power God used to create the universe. We bring into form the very thing that we desire when we focus on letting this spiritual power flow through us.

To prepare for prayer, breathe deeply and let the cares of the day slip away. Now visualize in your mind your own personal image of peace, hope, abundance, compassion, grace or service. You may see a beautiful field of flowers, a waterfall or the sun. Let your own image evoke a great feeling of this spiritual state within you. Feel this state wash over you and become you. Become your image. See the image move through your body and know what it feels like to be this image of peace, hope, abundance, compassion, grace or service.

Now you are ready to experience prayers in five spiritual discovery areas: inner journey, spiritual faith, forgiveness, Christian spirituality, and questions for God.

Click on the speakers below to hear audio prayers.

I will guide you to spiritual tools to deepen your use of the following prayers.



Inner Journey

A Prayer for Blessed Peace

In my hidden heart, I know this feeling.
Deep inside, the river flows
with the peace of the world.
This world, this place of love unbridled,
is where you and I meet.
Alone, but together,
silent, but joyful,
we share this deep peace as one.
Peace dwells within me.
Always waiting patiently, 
knowing that I will return to its embrace.

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I let go, I let go, I am peace.
I say yes, I say yes, I am peace.
I choose love, I choose love, I am peace.
In my heart, I know this place.
In my heart, I am peace.


Follow me to spiritual tools.

A Prayer for Blessed Service

Dear God, let your will for me be known. 
Use me, oh God, as your creation. 
When a kind word needs to be spoken, use my voice. 
When a load needs to be lifted, use my back. 
When a hug needs to be given, use my arms. 
When a journey needs to be taken, use my feet. 
When a message needs to be delivered, use my mind. 
When a friend needs to be loved, use my heart.
In all things, in all ways, 
use me God,
as your instrument of love, faith, peace and tranquility. 


Follow me to spiritual tools.

A Prayer for Blessed Grace

Dear God, I hold your grace within me. 
I call upon grace to mend hearts I have hurt, 
to light my way in the darkness, 
to let go of my sorrows and regrets, 
and to bless those who I have known and will meet upon my journey. 
Grace flows freely and fully through me by the power and grace of God. 
God, I accept your loving gift of grace, 
your peace of heaven on earth for me. 


Follow me to spiritual tools.

A Prayer for Blessed Healing

Dear God, your loving arms hold me now, filling me with the grace of Spirit.
Wash away my pain, take away my fear,
let my past be complete in this moment.
Through your grace, I step forward in the present,
not letting past pain guide my actions and choices.
I choose grace, full and abundant, to guide my life.
I accept your love, healing and renewing, to change my heart.
I accept light, wisdom in its entirety, to bless my existence.
I am whole in your eyes.
I accept your vision as my own.


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A Prayer for Social Justice

Dear God, you hold all people in your compassionate heart.
You see all people through the eyes of love,
knowing that we all have the same gifts of Spirit waiting to be revealed.
Let your wisdom be my own when I feel afraid of others who seem
different from me.
Open my heart with compassion,
filling me with understanding and acceptance of others and myself.
I accept your strength to champion equality for all people,
letting your love give me courage to see God dwelling within all people.


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A Prayer for Blessed Power

Dear God, your power is my own.
Your wisdom is my own.
Your faith is my own.
Your strength is my own.
I am a blessed child of God, full of your infinite love and peace.
I accept your blessings,
your gift of life to become the light of God dwelling in human form.
I accept your power to live in harmony
by letting my inner heart guide my outer actions.
Upon the will and light of Spirit, and so it is.


Follow me to spiritual tools.

A Prayer for Blessed Wholeness

Dear God, you have blessed me with an amazing body through which I can experience life.
I accept that my body is changing everyday,
adapting to new circumstances so that I can live
in a state of health and wholeness.
I release my preconceived notions about what a normal body should look like.
I accept that normal encompasses all body realities.
I accept the power of my body to heal.
I love my body, just as God loves me completely.
And so it is.


Spiritual Faith

Follow me to spiritual tools.

A Prayer for Blessed Abundance

Lord, I remember my flowing heart of peace. 
Through the power you gave to me in the breath of life, 
I accept your abundance freely. 
I accept my free will to choose a life of peace. 
I accept your love to create experiences where I can explore my inner self through this outer world you made for me. 
I accept it all, knowing that love is the source of all the wonders of this world. 
I honor you, and my brothers and sisters in this abundant world of love. 

Listen closely, discerning the truth for yourself.



How to Use Intentional Prayer

Intentional prayer aligns our will and intention with Spirit, creating great abundance and love in our lives. Move beyond "skin your knees prayer" and learn how to manifest miracles through intentional prayer by listening to this mini audio workshop. 


Follow me to spiritual tools.

A Prayer for Blessed Faith

Dear God, your heart of faith beats
strongly within me.
When I look up, I see reminders of you everywhere.
I see the sun, nourishing all life on Earth.
I see gentle rain, washing away my pain and fear.
I see your creations, filled with the joy and wonder of your love.
Faith, ever near, becomes me.


Follow me to spiritual tools.

A Prayer for Blessed Relationship

Dear God, I hold your power of creation within.
As you love me unconditionally, I may love another.
As you allow me free will, I choose to create a spiritual union with another.
I am whole and equal in my spiritual union.
I seek divine wisdom to guide my choices and actions,
always searching for the higher truth to elevate my relationship.
And so it is.



Follow me to spiritual tools.

A Prayer for Blessed Road

Dear God, as I walk the path you laid out for me, I hurt and have been hurt by others.
Forgive me, God, giving me the power to forgive others.
Let your power enlighten me, clarifying the situation.
Bless my road of life with compassion and wisdom,
helping me to walk in harmony with others.
And so it is.

A Prayer for Blessed Forgiveness

Dear God, my heart is heavy with past burdens.
I look to your light to guide me to peace in my heart.
In this place of harmony, I remember my love for others.
In love, I know that the peace of God exists in all people.
I see your love and light in myself and in those who have hurt me.
I let God's healing love wash this pain from my heart.
I forgive myself and others, knowing that God holds forgiveness for all beings.
Thank you, God, for blessing me with your grace.


Christian Spirituality

Follow me to spiritual tools.

A Prayer for Blessed Compassion

Dear God, I hold your power and strength in this moment to love all who have hurt me. 
Right now, I choose to let love flow from my heart
and wash away my pain and fears. 
God, you love me no matter what I do. 
I extend that love to those who have hurt me.
I choose to recognize the wholeness dwelling within these friends. 
In compassion and love, 
I hold high their potential when my friends
may not see their own greatness dwelling within. 
I recognize that with your love, 
they are capable of more than they are demonstrating in this moment.
As your creation God, 
I too have hurt others and not shown my true greatness in all situations. 
Through your love for me God, 
I extend this love to my friends. 


Follow me to spiritual tools.

A Prayer for Blessed Acceptance

Dear God, in this moment I hold your acceptance.
You love me completely, just as I am.
You see my great potential within,
and you nurture my tender heart of compassion.
In this moment, I let your acceptance be my own.
I accept others as the children of God.
I hold high their inner greatness,
always seeking to serve the highest and best within all people.
And so it is.


Questions for God

Follow me to spiritual tools.

A Prayer for Blessed Instrument

Dear God, guide my hands to do your work.
Angels, your messengers of light,
surround me and enfold me in the presence of God.
Let this wisdom be my own,
let this power give me strength to surrender to the divine presence within.
I say yes to living a Spirit-driven life.
And so it is.

Follow me to spiritual tools.

A Prayer for Blessed Reunion

Dear God, I hear your gentle whispers,
reminding me of my heavenly home of light.
My journey upon Earth is brief,
but rich in all that I learn from your creations of love.
Help me to remember my inner heart of peace,
letting it shine while I walk upon the Earth.
Be my eyes, my ears, my hands,
my heart of love so that I may bring the joys of heaven to others upon Earth. And so it is.


Follow me to spiritual tools.

A Prayer for Blessed Hope

Dear God, you are my shepherd of peace. 
I am your servant of love. 
This love, this eternal hope, flows within me, 
enriching my life and the lives of others. 
I acknowledge my blindness when I walk without Godís grace. 
But today, in abundant love for your way
of letting yourself be known in my life, 
I walk beside you. 
I am your servant of peace.
When I see those who have hurt me, 
I give them my peace. 
I see the peace of you, 
dwelling deeply within them, 
for we all are your creations of love. 
I raise my hands not to strike, 
but to embrace the commonality of love between us. 
My hands are your instruments of peace. 
I am your love God, 
and I flow freely where you need me to be. 


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