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What is My Divine Purpose?

Itís three oíclock in the morning and youíre lying in bed, eyes wide open, searching for answers. The whole world is sleeping, but youíre wide awake, wondering what life is really about. Many have searched for the meaning of life in the twilight hours, asking the eternal questions: What is my purpose? Why am I here? Is there more to life than this?

Plagued by feelings of unease that maybe youíre not really on the true path, or wondering if a true path even exists, you can turn to a variety of outlets that seem to have it all. You can work harder and try to climb the corporate ladder, equating monetary gains with the meaning of life. You can turn to sports, finding meaning in climbing mountains, playing basketball or finding the right golf swing. You can take up hobbies, like writing the perfect screenplay, sculpting the perfect torso or reading the perfect mystery.

And yet, you can still feel like something is missing, like a void of light in a dark room, an emptiness that cannot be filled. We seem to be searching for something, but thereís always a feeling of doubt that maybe we will never find what we need.

Finding your divine purpose is more about being who you are, rather than doing what you think you should.


Thereís a school of thought that says there are no accidents. Itís no accident that you are wondering about your purpose at this moment in your life. We all take deliberate steps and our actions speak volumes about our intentions. Intentions are what drive the world. You can intend to drive your car to the store, but never leave the house because the phone rings and you take that time to talk to an old friend. You intended to leave your house, but that intention changed when you heard your friendís voice on the phone. Your intentions can change gears at any time, especially when you reconnect with your inner wisdom to discover and live your divine purpose in life.

A divine purpose is based on intention. Before you were born, you created a plan with God about what you would achieve in this life. In this divine plan, you outlined your divine purpose, which guides your exploration of life issues, leading you to perform certain roles and experience particular situations. For example, your higher purpose may be to embody love in all forms. That broad purpose can be achieved in a myriad of ways from loving your family, to smiling with acceptance at a stranger, to speaking kindly to a store clerk, to many other expressions of love. To achieve your higher purpose, you donít need a certain job title or a license to do certain things. You only need to be who you are: the embodiment of love in all forms. By being who you are, you live your divine purpose in every moment through every situation you encounter. You become a living purpose, and every experience offers the opportunity for you to become more authentically you.

In searching for purpose and meaning, the divine hears all calls for clarity and understanding of this vital task. Through prayer and silent contemplation, you can discover your underlying purpose of existence. My own call for guidance on divine purpose was answered by Archangel Michael, an angel of truth and clarity. 

A Message from Archangel Michael

Here is Archangel Michael's message on finding and exploring your divine purpose:

Listen closely to a mini-audio workshop on three ways to connect with your inner spirit, discerning the truth for yourself.


My dear ones, finding out your divine purpose is one of the most satisfying spiritual pursuits you can undertake. You are here on Earth at this time to fulfill a divine purpose. As lofty as this may sound, it is quite a simple task. In living your divine purpose, you must be true to who you are in all moments. Letís talk about how you can do this simply and with great loving ease.

In being true to who you are, you must know your essence, your inner wisdom. You embody a particular stream of divine energy, and by being born into the world, you share this piece of divinity with others around you. There are multiple streams of divine energy, including love, hope, faith, spirit, tranquility, abundance, truth, clarity, devotion, power, passion, ingenuity, and many others. If, for example, you embody the stream of devotion, your divine purpose may be to express devotion in all forms. There are no jobs for devotion experts, so you would be hard pressed to find a job listing for ďDevotion ManagerĒ in the newspaper. But fear not--manifesting your divine purpose is not driven by job titles. Actualizing your divine purpose simply involves letting your purpose shine through in every moment. Devotion can be expressed by showing enthusiasm for the ideas of others, commitment to seeing a task to the end, or other ways that allow this energy to shine through in every situation. You donít even have to leave home to manifest your purpose. Just be who you are in everything you do, and you are living in integrity and alignment with the great powerful energy that provides for your existence.

I will guide you to affirm your strength in following your path in Divine Purpose.

Follow me to learn how to create your own affirmations and live your divine purpose.


Living your purpose is simple because life is simple when you allow the energy of your stream of purpose to guide your actions. If, for example, you embody abundance, this rich stream can be expressed in so many ways for yourself and others. The possibilities of your creative expression of your divine purpose are endless. The only limits to your expression are ones that you place upon your purpose. You hold great power and energy to be an expression of divinity in the world, and it is one of the greatest tasks that you will do on your lifeís journey.

How can you find out your divine purpose?

Using the method most comfortable to you, be it prayer, meditation, contemplation, nature guidance, or other connections to inner wisdom, take a moment to ask that your divine stream be revealed clearly to you. Be silent and allow any impressions to flow through you, be it images, words, sounds, thoughts, or feelings. For example, if a certain person represents love to you, you may see this person in your mindís eye. You then would know that your divine stream is love. When you have discerned your divine stream, ask that your divine purpose be revealed clearly and strongly in ways that you best understand. Again, sit silently and allow the impressions to come to you.

You can also find out your spiritual purpose by thinking about jobs and roles youíve held throughout your life. A lawyer may find that she gravitates towards jobs and roles where she helps others to see the value of the truth. Through discernment, she would discover that her divine purpose is to bring the truth to light.

Walk with me to hear the Divine Purpose meditation on Journey to Spiritual Awakening.

If you draw a blank and donít feel that you found out your purpose, wait for someone or something to grab your attention with a message. For example, you may know your stream is love, but you were not clear on your divine purpose. The next day your neighbor may thank you for watering her plants while she was gone by saying, ďI know that my plants will always flourish under your loving care.Ē You have just received a divine message through one of Godís able-handed messengers. Using your own power of discernment, you realize that your divine purpose is to embody supportive and nurturing love. 

You may look back upon your life and realize that you have been doing just that, but never realized the grand underlying mission of your actions. You now know that you can achieve your divine purpose by becoming a living, breathing expression of divinity in everything you do.

You, dear friends, are a great blessing to all upon this Earth. It is with great love and honor that I recognize your divinity and mastery in every moment.


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