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Spiritual Faith

Following your spiritual intuition takes great faith. Little hunches, nudges from friends, coincidences, and direct conscious connections with Spirit occur everyday, but we often overlook them as we move through our busy lives. Spiritual faith is like a personal radio set to the spiritual wisdom channel. By focusing on spiritual guidance, you allow your faith to drive your choices and actions. You become faith-in-action when your life choices are based on your inner wisdom and power.

I ask myself the following questions to discern if spiritual guidance is flowing from my inner heart of wisdom:

  • Is the guidance loving and respectful of the mastery of myself and others?

  • Based on the guidance, will others view my choices as loving?

  • Does the guidance ring true in my heart?

If you answer no to any of the questions, see a pure white light flow through your body, cleansing you of pain and fear. Continue in love to seek clarity through divine guidance. Trusting your inner wisdom increases your spiritual faith to follow your life path.

Spiritual Faith Tool Kits

Use the following tool kits to go deeper in discovering your inner self. Follow the guides to affirmations, meditations, and prayer tools for creating your own spiritual practices.


More Do-it-Yourself Spirituality Tool Kits


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