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Believing Versus Knowing

"I'll believe it when I see it," the mother said in response to the boy's vow that he would never break a toy again. Holding a sailboat with a broken mast in his trembling hands, the child felt shame and doubt that he could ever make his mother believe in him.

The next day, the boy crashed his robot into the wall, breaking off an antenna. Tears welling, he held the cherished toy in his hands and promised his mother that he would never break a toy again.

Human beings do not arrive at faith. Rather, faith finds you huddled under the table, trembling with fear over the vast world you cannot control. What is it that you do control? Your faith. Your beliefs. Your knowledge. You choose to have faith in a dark world where God is mainly hidden from view. It is your belief that guides you to understanding that the only real thing in life is Godís love for you. When you let this wisdom guide your every action, you are Godís faith worker.

I will guide you to a prayer for Blessed Faith.


"I know you'll do your best," said the mother.

The boy went to his room, shutting the door behind him. Holding his robot, he knew that he could do his best to be gentle with his toys.

There is a difference between believing and knowing, but they are both needed elements in spiritual faith. Belief uses emotional power while knowledge is based upon intellectual reasoning.

Believing in something or someone requires an emotional leap of faith into the unknown. You may believe that you will win tomorrow's bike race. You may believe that Saturday will be sunny for your family reunion. You may believe in God, despite your fears that your prayers will be unanswered. Spiritual belief requires a step forward from the heart, extending your faith that all will be well even when you are blind to the outcome.

Knowing something means that you have intellectually decided that it's true. You may know that you will meet your job goals and get a raise. You may know that you can draw from your inner strength to weather tough times. You may know that you can always count on God to inspire you in magical ways. Spiritual knowledge allows you to move forward in confidence, sensing that logical reasons point to a favorable outcome.

Spiritual faith requires belief as well as a strong sense of knowing. When a mother withholds her belief in her child, faith waivers. When a mother knows that her child's world is full of infinite possibility, faith grows.

Have faith, knowing and believing that you are blessed by infinite possibilities in every moment.


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